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Shannon Kealey Voices

Your bubbly but wise best friend

I'm the friendly, intelligent, funny best friend who will help the world fall in love with your character or brand.

Demo & Samples

Full Commercial Demo
Whinnie the Poo Interactive Sample
Curable Commercial Sample
Character Singing Sample
Cisco Industrial Narration Sample
UC Berkeley Instructional Video Sample
Medical Narration Sample
Crayola Commercial Sample
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My warm smile comes through when I'm sharing my excitement about a fabulous product. My years of experience as an educator and instructional designer are clear in my eLearning, industrial, or medical narration. The sweetness in my voice makes my take on a wicked villain or rebellious teen in a cartoon or video game that much more surprising.

My passion for acting started with my first musical theatre role at age seven. I'm a lifelong learner, with ongoing voice over training in all genres (commercial, narration, animation, interactive) at Voicetrax in Sausalito, CA. I trained in Meisner at Alan Gordon Studio in NYC, earned a BA in English at SUNY Geneseo, and a Master of Library Science at SUNY Buffalo. I'm also an accomplished singer in multiple genres, with training from Raz Kennedy and Michael Hadary.


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I have a double-walled vocal isolation booth with airlock doors, so I offer broadcast-quality without studio fees! 


My computer is hardwired to AT&T Fiber internet service - it's as fast and stable as can be!


MIC: Vanguard V4 Large Diaphragm Multi-Pattern FET Condenser 

INTERFACE: Focusrite Scarlett 2i2

SOFTWARE: Twisted Wave and iZotope Rx7




I have a paid subscription to SourceConnect, which allows you to direct and record me live with no latency issues.


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Drop me a line!

P.O. Box 446
Santa Clara, CA, 95053

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